Whole Presence Osteopathy | Medical Practice

- Osteopathic Manipulation / Qi work with/without Acupuncture

- COVID related stress and anxiety

Corporate Wellness & Team Development Consultant

- Coaching: 1-1 and small groups

- Workshops (half day, full day, multiple sessions)

Whole Presence Cultivation

- For soul searching, fulfilling living one's wholeness and presence 

- KAP and Qi-Gong

- The Enneagram

- Jungian Psychology


Wellness for Your Team and Organization

Hi, I’m Dr. Francis Yoo and I know that you want to be a productive, effective, efficient organization.

In order to do that, you need satisfied team members.

The problem is that COVID times has significantly impacted how your organization runs as well as your team members' wellness which makes you feel uncertain and confused about what to do. 

I believe that organizations need wellness programs that work and not just extra pizza, coupons, and motivational speeches.

I understand that this is a serious problem for the well-being of your team members and your organization as a whole which is why I cultivate wellness and development on personal, interpersonal, and organizational levels.

Here's how we do it:

1) Guided breathing, meditation, and movement exercises.

2) Guided interpersonal communication exercises.

3) Group coaching sessions.

So, you can ask me how I can help you with your Corporate Wellness by emailing me at DrFrancisYoo@gmail.com and in the meantime, read more about what I do.

So you can stop being defeated and overwhelmed by COVID stress and anxiety and start being a champion of wellness for your team and organization.


Dr. Francis Yoo for Corporate Wellness

I am Dr. Francis Yoo, a physician trained and certified in multiple specialties and wellness modalities.

I have experienced the shift to online-heavy communication and work in my personal and professional (ex telehealth) contexts in 2020-2021 quite smoothly while it seems others have found it more difficult. This is largely due to consistent wrestling and working on my own personal and professional development and wellness.

I am a national speaker, coach, and consultant that works people one-on-one and groups of all sizes to catalyze holistic wellness on the physical, psychological, emotional, cognitive, relational, lifestyle, and team dimensions and beyond.

My goal is not to offer theoretical lectures or suggest additional employee discount perks but to bring people to experience transformation so that they can positively impact themselves, their loved ones, their teammates, and beyond.

I am Dr. Francis Yoo and I want to help wellness make sense and get wellness from just an idea on the drawing board and agenda to real transformative experiences.


Credentials & Experiences

altMBA33 & Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
(Quality improvement and more)
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner & Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram Teacher
(Personality / psychology typology for personal and interpersonal development)
Glenn Morris’ “Morris Modules” & KAP Provisional Instructor
(Breathwork, contemplation, meditation, movement, relaxation, stillness practices) 
Neurolinguistics Programming & Cognitive Behavior Therapy
(Cognitive, emotional, behavioral perception and transformation)
Lifestyle Medicine 
(Nutrition, sleep, physical exercise, relationships optimization for health/wellness)


Proficiency With...

Teleconferencing (Zoom, etc)
One-on-one settings
Small group settings (2-10 people)
Mid-size group settings (10-30 people)
Large group settings (25-100 people)