- Examining, Exploring, Experimenting, Experiencing

- Extraordinary Existence

Whole Presence Osteopathy

- Medical practice (New York) 

Whole Presence Lifestyle

- For every day living

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Whole Presence Cultivation

- For soul searching, fulfilling living one's wholeness and presence 

- KAP and Qi-Gong

- The Enneagram

- Jungian Psychology


Whole Presence Osteopathy

This is Dr. Francis Yoo's medical practice, which focuses exclusively on utilizing

- Osteopathic Manipulation

- Qi/Chi healing with and without acupuncture

- Lifestyle interventions to treat health conditions, optimize wellness, and cultivate extraordinary existence.

Common conditions treated:

- acute and chronic neck and back pain

- headache, concussion, and other neurologic symptoms due to trauma

- insomnia and anxiety


COVID Contemplations Vol 1


The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the lives of people worldwide in a matter of months, leaving many changes in its path. We have experienced unsettledness within ourselves as well as in the actions of others. It is enticing to escape and otherwise not deal with the anxiety, hurts, and other experiences. However, just as your muscles need to be physically challenged in order to grow, our inner lives also need to be challenged for transformation.

This book is intended to challenge you to go on a journey of self-inquiry and of transformation through anger, fear, shame, grief, discomfort, anxiety. Take this opportunity to face yourself and increase your chances for self-awareness and personal development.



Physician Freedom

Physician Freedom: Living Your Authentic Physician Life (Book)

Dispel career confusion, streamline decision making, and be true to your vision and values!

In "Physician Freedom: Living Your Authentic Physician Life," you will learn:
- Whether you are living your authentic physician life or not.
- Why and how you sabotage yourself from living your authentic physician life.
- How to create your map and navigation system that will guide your definitive purpose and plan for your authentic physician life.

Will you choose to read this book and learn how to live your authentic physician life or not? It is up to you!



The Enneagram Doctor

Soul Coaching

Psychospiritual personal development using the Enneagram

I am a Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram Teacher



The MBTI Doctor

Soul Coaching

Psychospiritual personal development using the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Steps I & II and Jungian Psychology.

I am a Certified MBTI Practitioner.




"Dr. Morris’s Improved KAP/Kundalini Awakening Process is ultimately a set of principles and skills which balance, amplify, and harmonize the physiological, energetic, emotional, intuitive, and logical capacities of the body-personality while deepening and unifying experiences that reveal consciousness as something more than just the body-personality."

Contact me for inquiries.


Whole Presence Lifestyle

Your lifestyle should foster a whole presence in your every day life.

Your daily schedule

Your relationships and interactions

Your books on your shelves

Your clothes in your closet

Your location

That which works best for your lifestyle to fosters health, wellness, and cultivation.


Whole Presence Alchemy

Transmute your health, lifestyle, and inner universe.
Transmute your physiology, emotions, thoughts.
Transmute matter, energy, consciousness.
Basically having fun and fulfillment by examining, exploring, experiencing extraordinary existence from the most tangible and physical to most ethereal and beyond.