Private Osteopathic Medical Practice @

- New York, NY

One-on-One Physician Teaching-Training-Coaching

- Breathwork

- The Enneagram

- Jungian Psychology

- Extraordinary Vessel Cultivation

Consultations: One-on-One or for Your Physician Tribe

- Breathwork

- The Enneagram

- Jungian Psychology

​Glenn Morris'  KAP (Kundalini Awakening Process) 1 & 2

- Live Zoom setup and in-person workshops available.


Private Osteopathic Medical Practice

Manhattan - Midtown - NYC

Osteopathic medical practice

Services provided:

- Osteopathic Manipulation

- Acupuncture (primarily via Non-Somatic Extraordinary Vessel approach)

- Guided Meditation-Breathwork

Treating and healing

- Musculoskeletal pain - neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, and more

- Head and neck issues - headache, migraines, sinus, dizziness

- Connections between the body, mind, emotions

- The Whole Person


One-on-One Program

Physician Teaching-Training-Coaching

For physicians seeking insight and fullness and wanting to reaching their next level of personal development and fulfillment.

1-1 teaching, training, and coaching for physicians wanting to synchronize and develop

- Habits, Heart, Head

- physiology and psychology

- breath and psychospirituality

We will incorporate

- Guided breathing-meditation

- The Enneagram

- Jungian Psychology

- Non-somatic extraordinary vessel cultivation

- Any of your previous experiences and work you've done.

Sessions via weekly zoom meetings

3 month commitment = $9000 USD

6 month commitment = $17000 USD

Inquire at

or schedule a test-drive session @


One-on-One Intensive

Physician Teaching-Training-Coaching

This is for physicians that want an intensive, involved, personalized personal development experience.

We will cultivate, develop, and fulfill

- Your balance for optimal rest and productivity.

- Your holographic definitive purpose-plan-process.

- True wellness, healing, and wholeness using practices targeted to your specific needs for your Body-Heart-Head Centers and beyond.

- Breath and energy via KAP, Inner Alchemy techniques, and applying magnets and cords to your extraordinary vessels, along with appropriate herbals.

- Relationship between your conscious and unconscious.

I will also do a daily and PRN distance clearing of your chakra centers, meridian pathways, and fluid body.

1 hour zoom meeting per week

Daily or twice a day check-ins via phone, zoom, or messaging.

$250,000 USD/year

Inquire at

or schedule a test-drive session @


Consultation (One-on-One)

Physician Teaching-Training-Coaching

Are you a physician seeking insight and fullness?

Are you stagnant in reaching your next level of personal development and fulfillment?

Maybe you have benefited from coaching, meditation, books, and courses but want to go deeper and farther?

I’m Dr. Francis Yoo and I’ve been exactly where you are: reading books, taking courses, and looking for ways to work on myself so that my life can be more meaningful and fulfilling. I’ve spent thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars I’ve invested in my journey and put it together so you don’t have to.

Schedule your consultation HERE

Consultation Agenda

- Introductions: 5 minutes

- Discussing and navigating your context and situation: 20 minutes

- Teaching of core material (choose your focus below): 20 minutes.

- Guided practice (training) or coaching application of material: 45 minutes.

- Suggestions for what to work on for the next 3 months, relevant resources, and options for follow up sessions: 5 minutes.

Choose your focus

- Guided breathwork - meditation

- NSEV cultivation

- The Enneagram

- Jungian Psychology

- Unblocking / Balancing for Chakra / Qi / more


Consultation (Group)

Physician Teaching-Training-Coaching

If you would like a workshop for your tribe about any of the following topics, please e-mail me at .
Choose your focus
- Guided breathwork - meditation
- The Enneagram
- Jungian Psychology / MBTI



Physician Teaching-Training-Coaching

Breathwork-meditation-movement-cultivation practices

- Emotional transmutation of stress for positive states. 

- For wellness, inner healing, and cultivating wholeness.

1-1 and group classes available

Virtual and live classes available

Schedule your consultation HERE

Inquire at


Unblocking & Balancing

Physician Teaching-Training-Coaching

This is a 60-90 minute online session via zoom where I

1) Evaluate your

- Qi meridians and fields

- Chakra centers

- Integration between your Gut-Movement/Heart/Head Centers

- Balance between Outer and Inner life, Intuitive and Sensory experiences, and Thinking vs Feeling decision making

- See details below

2) Discuss, then unblock restrictions, balance, and integrate what I find and am able to work on via distance.

3) Give recommendations and challenges on how to unblock, balance, reintegrate aspects of Self for the next 3 months.

4) With the goal to aid in pursuit of authentic, fulfilling inner and outer health, wealth, and relationships.

Details: I will address your

1) 12 primary and other meridians/qi pathways:

-- ShaoYin (Kidney & Heart)

-- TaiYang (Small Intestine & Bladder)

-- Jue Yin (Liver & Pericardium aka Master of the Heart)

-- ShaoYang (Triple Heater/Warmer/Burner & Gallbladder)

-- TaiYin (Spleen & Lung)

-- Yang Ming (Large Intestine & Stomach)

(Note that the Organ names here refer to the names of the meridians/channels)

-- Wei, "Distinct", "Curious", etc

2) Extraordinary Vessels / Fields

-- Yang Wei

-- Dai

-- Yin Wei

-- Chong

-- Ren

-- Du

-- Yin Qiao

-- Yang Qiao

3) 5 Elements/Phases of Change

-- Water

-- Wood

-- Fire

-- Metal

-- Earth

4) Chakra Centers from the Japanese Godai Perspective

-- Earth (coccygeal)

-- Water (sacral)

-- Fire (solar plexus)

-- Wind (heart)

-- Void (throat, third eye, crown)

5) Activity and balance between your "Centers of Intelligence" from an Enneagram perspective

-- Body/Movement/Gut/Instinct Center

-- Heart Center

-- Head Center

6) Integrating typological and unconscious aspects of your psyche from a Jungian analytic psychology (Extraversion and Introversion, Sensing and Intuition, Thinking and Feeling)

Please send any inquiries to

Please note that signing up for this and the actual session does not constitute making, managing, or treating any medical diagnosis or condition and does not create a physician-patient relationship of any kind.

To learn more about me go to www.DrFrancisYoo.Info



Physician Teaching-Training-Coaching

Dr. Glenn J. Morris's Improved Kundalini Awakening Process (K.A.P.)

"Dr. Morris’s Improved KAP/Kundalini Awakening Process is ultimately a set of principles and skills which balance, amplify, and harmonize the physiological, energetic, emotional, intuitive, and logical capacities of the body-personality while deepening and unifying experiences that reveal consciousness as something more than just the body-personality."

12 weeks x 1 hour sessions

1-1 sessions: $1500 USD

group session: inquire

live sessions: inquire

Inquire at

or schedule an introductory test-drive session @


Physician Freedom

Physician Freedom: Living Your Authentic Physician Life (Book)

Dispel career confusion, streamline decision making, and be true to your vision and values!

In "Physician Freedom: Living Your Authentic Physician Life," you will learn:
- Whether you are living your authentic physician life or not.
- Why and how you sabotage yourself from living your authentic physician life.
- How to create your map and navigation system that will guide your definitive purpose and plan for your authentic physician life.

Will you choose to read this book and learn how to live your authentic physician life or not? It is up to you!



COVID Contemplations Vol 1


The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the lives of people worldwide in a matter of months, leaving many changes in its path. We have experienced unsettledness within ourselves as well as in the actions of others. It is enticing to escape and otherwise not deal with the anxiety, hurts, and other experiences. However, just as your muscles need to be physically challenged in order to grow, our inner lives also need to be challenged for transformation.

This book is intended to challenge you to go on a journey of self-inquiry and of transformation through anger, fear, shame, grief, discomfort, anxiety. Take this opportunity to face yourself and increase your chances for self-awareness and personal development.